Where have you been?

It's been a little over three months since we've had an update on goings on via our blog, something we have continued to do regularly prior since November last year. The truth is we haven't gone anywhere however we did get a little comfortable maybe a little lazy, on cruise control if you like. Not where we'd like to be, we are most comfortable being uncomfortable as this is where growth happens. We've tightened the screws over the last month or so and we feel we're back headed in the right direction. The release and promotion of our "sex panther" and "breaking hearts" button up tees and "erryday" shorts all twelve months in the making has started to get the cogs turning again. A flow on affect that will see us with another button up tee and another pair of shorts before Christmas along with a new hat all currently being manufactured, we're also planning on releasing a new tee in this time too. Eva is working around the clock putting pen to paper working on designs so we are always one or two steps ahead getting new limited release pieces ready for production. we've put pressure on ourselves to have a big start to the New year with the plan to release another big mid Summer drop to keep everyone looking fresh this will coincide with building a shed so we can convert our garage into a storage space for stock and a proper work space for Eva for design  time and photography. We'd usually be preparing for a busy Christmas market season which last year made up 25% of our yearly revenue, of course this year will be different as covid-19 and restrictions associated still hang around like a bad smell and this won't be possible, if there is any easing in restrictions between now and then we'll likely try and get out about depending on what those restrictions look like. Overall we do feel like one of the lucky ones during this whole shit show, a lot of small business particularly bricks and mortar shops were hit hard where as we've been relatively unscathed, touch wood ( knocks on head ) we get back to normality or a new normality ( whatever that looks like ) sooner rather than later. We're very much the optimists and expect just that to happen. We don't plan on waiting this long again to give you updates and news, we like you to feel connected and informed, a part of the FAF family. We've been trying hard to engage through polls and replying to DM's and messages and will try to be better in this space. Thank you for all the support we feel very blessed.

Big love

Andy & Eva 

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