Tough pill to swallow

You might be wondering where the second part of our Summer line ( PUFF ) went? Well it's a long story.
We went with new printer for this line ( huge mistake ), we were in desperate need of new stock due to a big November online and markets every weekend that were exceeding our expectations, we were in need of a rushed order that could meet our deadline, we were told it could be done but payment had to paid in full up front ( normally half up front, final payment on completion ) given cash is king in small / micro business this is something we wouldn't normally do but we needed stock ASAP so we went ahead. From this point on it goes pear shaped fast, deadlines get pushed back to the point our stock wouldn't arrive in time for our Olive Tree market stall in Newcastle ( our biggest market on our tour, ) not only that we had pre-sale customers waiting on their orders. Andy made the decision if the stock couldn't be posted on time he'd personally drive from home ( Scone ) to Byron Bay to pick up the order 8+ hours one way 500 odd km's to pick up what had been done ( PUFF wouldn't be fully completed ), Luckily for us we have family nearby so he could stay over night ( Thursday ) pick the stock up Friday morning and make the return journey home.
It gets worse. Thursday evening we were told the completed stock we had agreed on would be ready to pick up 9:30am Friday morning. Friday morning 9:30am rolls around and we are told order will be ready after 10am. 10:30,11:00,11:30... 11:45am, we get a SMS saying order will be ready to pick up at 12pm. Andy still has an 8+ hour drive home ahead of him. Stock is picked up and the return trip home is in record time getting back just after 8pm. Now we have to sort new stock to take to the markets tomorrow leaving at 3:30am. Disaster strikes. ALL of our completed PUFF designs can't be sold. The print quality is well below our usual high standards and 2/3 are stained badly. We would no way put our name to these. We refund all PUFF pre-sales and notified our printers to not print anymore using the current technique being used on PUFF ( DTG )  we also want all stock reprinted using the tried and tested screen printing. Good news? yeah there is some our "same same but different" tees and muscles look great and most make the cut after we run our eye over them ( we expect 10% to not meet standards due to print error or damaged merch ). Better news is Olive Tree markets is another huge success but of course that means our stock has taken another hit and we are already badly understocked.
What went wrong? I can't speak on behalf of our printers with what went wrong on their end but we suspect time management played a huge part. On our end we've learnt some hard lessons. We left our order too late, printing with someone we hadn't dealt with before for a rush order with a new printing technique for 1/2 the order was a huge mistake and one we have to wear now.
Where is PUFF now? Unfortunately we still don't have it and we won't have it this weekend either. Next week? The week after we couldn't be confident but we are confident they'll be 100%, we know these guys can print we've seen their work and if for what ever reason they're not up to scratch we simply won't sell them, we are very passionate about delivering quality limited release apparel, if something slips through our fingers and you're not happy for whatever reason with your purchase we'll refund no questions asked ( not after you spill something on it like one customer asked ).
December is normally our best month online but due to low or no stock available online plus refunded sales it's been slower then usual, our markets have more then made up for the shortfall plus Eva has been very busy making wholesale and individual custom art from her own venture @evanealeart ( find her page on Instagram ).
We've got one market left on our Christmas tour at Olive Tree markets, we'll be taking pretty much everything we have and looking to clear as much as we can doing our best deals all tour. Whatever's left will be put online for a Boxing day sale. 2020 will be starting with a bang, three new designs out January ( our best yet ) Our first market in Queensland ( the village markets Burleigh Heads currently booked in for the 5th of January but we are looking to change to the 19th of January due to stock shortage ) we'll keep you posted. Queensland is one of our biggest customer bases, hope some of you can make it we're very keen to meet some new faces.
2019 has been good to FAF, we've had our challengers, some outlined in this blog but it's all part of journey, no failures only lessons . We've seen growth and had a heap of fun along the way. From our family to yours we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. Big love mmmmwa.

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