The year that was

Whatever your take on the current situation and 2020 is, one things for certain and that's things have changed or did change for a period for most people in one way or another. For us personally as a family it hasn't changed too much, there has actually been some positives or at the very least challenges we've overcome which can only be seen positively, we're also well aware that it has impacted other people including family and friends negatively, we hope you can accept and find solutions, and see everything there is to be grateful for, optimism is a happiness magnet, if you stay positive in a negative situation, you win!

From a business perspective initially when the shit show started knocking on the door in March, we didn't know what ramifications it would have on our small business. Were our printers, manufactures and suppliers going to remain open? If so were there going to be significant delays? Would our customers spending habits change in uncertain times? How long will our regular markets we attend remain shut? We required a different marketing and business model to help with the uncertainty. We managed to have significant growth in this period and that has a lot to with plans put in place but equally because of COVID-19 we noticed a significant shift to online shopping as well as a shift to supporting local Australian owned and operated business. We also had new customers in Canada the USA and New Zealand in this period. Staying home meant we could put a lot more of our energy into the business which had a snowball effect into us being busier than ever before. We managed to release twenty four new limited release products in 2020 up from sixteen in 2019. Six of those products have sold out. There are still some challenges particularly with postage times from suppliers and to our customers, initially due to Australia post staff cuts during lockdowns but now that is largely due to the increase in packages sent and strain on Australia Post. 

2020 also saw us in getting some new products. Custom manufactured button up tees and shorts and bucket hat which required the previous twelve months planning and sourcing  to make happen. We are super happy with way they turned out, they have been really well received by our customers which is the most satisfying part knowing the work we put into them was well worth it, we love that you love em'.We're excited to explore and expand in this space.

So 2021 is here and there's no reset button. The week off over Christmas has aloud us to recharge the batteries and to not think about business for the week ( mostly ) as we head into our fifth year and the next fifty two weeks consumes us again. We have two new custom manufactured hats both our "lay low" and "stay lit" which have already been completed and should be available mid January, we'll also be printing these designs on tees, we'll be organising these on Monday January 11th when our printers get back from there break so you should see these available by early February. We're also increasing our stock storage capacity which should be complete over the next few months which should allow us us to bring you even more limited release apparel. We don't know what 2021 will bring but I do know we'll be busting our arses to be better and better prepared for whatever it throws at us. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping the dream alive and being part of the journey, We still feel we have only scraped the surface and hope you stick around to continue the journey with us.

Big Love 

Andy & Eva

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