Same Same But Different

A little insight into our upcoming summer 19/20 release, and how we've come up with these designs and colour pallets.

Our first design is 'Same same but different', this relates to us and unique individuals alike. As mentioned in our previous blog, the men's street, skate, surf apparel market is flooded with literally thousands of independent brands, like us, all trying to set themselves apart from the rest, while still remaining on 'trend' for the consumers (you). On top of all the smaller independent brands you've got all the big players to contend with, they are available at every major outlet & local street/surf store around the country, with the masses consuming largely the same products on a daily basis. This design concept is less about the individual design and more about our brand as a whole, offering unique hand drawn limited release one of a kind designs while still keeping in line with current colour and fashion trends. Here we have opted for a one colour print with a fairly simple design that still speaks loudly, our garment colours are closely related in hue and are colours that we are seeing a lot in the industry at the moment and for the foreseeable future. We really love this concept and hope you do too!!  

Our second design is 'Puff', it is something completely different altogether. He was created some time ago on one of Eva's hand painted skateboard wall art pieces, a piece we love so much it hangs proudly in our home! - ( But it is for sale under our Art tab on the drop down menu, for anyone who loves it as much as we do! )

Eva gave 'Puff' a slight make over, now in a digital format, bright pops of colour on a white canvas, in line with what we'll see over summer 19/20. No concept or hidden message here, this really is a piece of wearable art, in line with our 'art inspired' brand. This will be our first true multi coloured design, which we haven't been able to do in the past due to the cost involved with multiple screens needed for multiple colours, but with the help of our new printers we will be using a halftone technique giving the illusion of multiple colours. This is something we are really excited about not only for this design but for future designs. We're learning all the time and will continue to grow and give you the best Friday At Five Apparel. We can't wait to bring you 'Puff' it's something you wont find in any major department stores!!! Not only will 'Puff' be available on a tee and muscle we'll also have 10 Numbered and limited release digital A4 art prints available. 

Coming soon look out for a Pre-Sale in the coming weeks!!

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