Put on your happy face

Summer is around the corner and we've been working overtime to get a heap of new products together for you to enjoy in our favourite  time of year. 

First up is our "put on your happy face" tee. This one is a little different in how it came about, usually we have a concept before an artwork is created but we stumbled across this design in Eva's art diary as we were putting together our Summer plan, it jumped off the page and we ran with it. So now we had an artwork, we had to name it or reverse engineer the concept. The first thing that stood out in the artwork was the expression of the subject, neutral. The other focal point in the artwork is the oni mask. From here it became clear where we were going with the concept along with our Friday at five metaphor. The original artwork was a little different, we made a few slight adjustments changing the oni mask giving it a mischievous smile. Then it was just a matter of choosing fonts, and adding text to fit the design which sometimes can be the hardest part, it can often make or break the design, but the way this piece came about it was fitting that the text component literally fell into place for us. We chose for this design to be a front print, it just fits!

Garment colour again wasn't particularly hard this time around, lemon is a Summer 20/21 colour but not only that it's also known as a  "happy" colour and can enhance mood. Ever notice why adverts often use yellow? Yes it draws attention but also to evoke a sense of happiness. So it made perfect sense for this design.

We all strive to be genuinely happy but sometimes life gets in the way and by life we mean work. If you love your job they say you won't have to work a day in your life. While this may be true, these people still make plans on their days off for RnR with family and / or friends and they still take holidays? So they don't love it as much as not being there.

We will be doing a PRE-SALE on these shortly, as soon as we have an ETA so keep an eye on our socials.


Big love

Andy & Eva

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