Past, present, future

Earlier this month we celebrated our fifth Birthday, this one was a little extra special for us because back in early 2016 we set ourselves a five year plan for FAF, to reach the five year milestone was extra rewarding knowing the work that went into those five years. It sure went quick. Starting a brand with zero idea on how it all works, zero contacts and very little capital to where we are now is really quite humbling. Growing a brand organically from scratch is bloody hard even in the current landscape of social media and the ability to reach millions of people online, building trust takes time, we can't begin to imagine how hard doing something like this would of been before internet, seemingly impossible. But they did it! The difference being market share once you got there was large, Like most things by solving problems like reach of audience, creates other problems getting eyeballs on your brand in a flooded market compared to that of yesteryear. Not only has the market increased by literally thousands, overall quality is higher so high quality alone is not always a point of difference. More than ever customer service is at a premium and we can proudly say this will always be our number one priority, no problem has ever been unresolved without the end resulting in a happy customer, ZERO! New brands are starting just as quick as others are disappearing it really is a volatile market. Keeping our head above water and getting through those first five years may be the most important when it's all said and done. The ability to keep our loyal returning customers in the past five years was and always be absolutely critical. If we expect people to spend their hard earned on our products and expect them to come back you better believe we're doing our best to be better always, we have to be!

Currently we're working on getting our Winter line sorted, still awaiting samples on some products and feel a little under pressure to get everything we want done and in time, but like usual we'll bite off more then we can chew and chew like crazy. Also we are in the process of making a larger storage and work space, we'll document it all on our socials with progress, it really has been the vision for some time now and looking forward to getting our hands dirty and creating a space suitable for where we are currently. 

The future? No one really knows but we've again set a plan with some large but what we believe are achievable goals. Shoot big, miss big! We'll be creating new limited release apparel as long as we're able to and continuing to learn and grow along the way. It's been a hell of a ride to this point we're excited to see wherever it goes and excited to have you apart of it. Thanks for your continued support.


Big Love

Andy & Eva

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