November Wrap

Summer has arrived!!! The count down to Christmas is on. November 2019 was our busiest month to date yet! Planning our summer drop, another button up tee sample is in the process of being manufactured, new hat prototypes being brainstormed, new designs being developed & finalised, on top of that we had two market stalls (Warners Bay & Maitland Olive Tree Markets) - We did have a third planned but with bad weather predicted we decided not to attend, we had to consider the 4 hour round trip to Speers Point, putting stock at risk of damage, would the crowd numbers be down? Above all our three children who attend our markets with us were the deciding factor, we are very lucky in the fact that our kids are very well behaved (for the most part) but with the shitty weather around things could of got tricky. By all reports they didn't get a lot of rain and the markets were a success. From a business perspective it was a missed opportunity, but regardless, November was our best month since we've been established (Feb 2016) we also had our best individual sales day ever in November and a top 5 online sales month, led by a successful "Black Friday" campaign. Our stock numbers have taken a hit, we've pushed hard to get our summer line here hopefully by the end of the week, and then the plan is to get three more designs on tees early in the new year (if not before, depending on the next two weeks). We'd also like to get at least a couple of different styles of hats early in the new year!

We expect December to be just as busy, plenty going on as the silly season hits full swing. We have three more scheduled markets, two in Newy and one down the south coast in Shellharbour!

We are super excited about our Summer designs, we hope they are as well received as both our Spring tees & off the back of them our next line in designs might just be (in our opinion) our best yet. Our button ups have been approximately 5 months in the making & no end in sight, our first sample was no where near the quality we wanted, we have since sourced a new manufacture and we are confident the sample will be 100% this time around. Realistically by the time our sample is complete, even if we are 100% satisfied, full production probably wont occur until Spring 2020. We did not plan to encounter so many road blocks! What we can promise is when we do get into full production they will be epic!

We haven't finalised our new hats as yet, we are still in the development stage. Hats can be tricky, not only are colours, materials and designs a factor but styles of hats pose its own set of problems. A-frames are still popular as a whole and cover a broader customer demographic but the unstructured varieties, although maybe a little niche currently, we expect them to appeal to a larger audience going forward!

Lots of things to think about!!!

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