New drop incoming

The wait is nearly over. We've got four new products arriving, three of which will be arriving this week and the fourth is expected next week. Two fresh new tees and two new full custom FAF hats  Both the Tees and hats will feature two new hand drawn designs.
 Our custom manufactured hats have been another long and sometimes frustrating process, The order was placed on the 10th of November 2020 after choosing styles, fabrics and closures. Manufacturing times blew out again on our hats, we did expect these mid January but quality is always our number one priority and the extra wait will be well worth it. Our "lay low" faded six panel unstructured cotton twill hat will be here by the end of the week. The same style as our sold out "endless weekends" hat that is a personal favourite. We had many requests to restock this hat but as you're all aware by now we don't remake, restock or reprint any designs keeping your purchase unique, instead we decided to make a fresh new limited release hat in the same  popular style. This style of hat gets better with age, they're all unique to start, with an already faded worn look but over time continue to wear uniquely, no two will ever be the same. Our "stay lit" five panel wax canvas should be following next week, this is a completely new fabric that makes this hat super unique to your normal headwear and definitely something you're not going to find everywhere, really keen to finally get our hands on these and get to feel the texture. 
Our tees featuring the same designs are multi coloured hand printed back prints something we haven't done on tees for twelve months after multiple front prints we're always trying to keep things as fresh as possible. A micro logo chest print upfront giving it a super clean casual tee look, to go with the classic white and black shades we chose to print on with a subtle point of difference to your standard black and white tees we choose a natural and charcoal colour. Large multi coloured prints out back in arch layouts utilising colours that work with their appropriate garment colours allowing these tees to be worn with a variety of your existing and new wardrobe choices. Both tees are printed on the highest quality 100% combed cotton. Mid weight 180 GSM, neck ribbing, side seamed, shoulder to shoulder tape, double needle hems, pre shrunk to minimise shrinkage.
A little about the concepts behind the ideas:
A deign that has been in the archives for a while now and thought the time was right to let it get some shine after a few minor tweaks. Lay low, move in silence so when they see you they be wondering when, where, and how you've been making it. This is for the quiet achievers the doers, who don't let the outside noise stop their progress. Others don't see / hear you coming until it's time to say "checkmate". Don't mistake silence for weakness you don't have to make noise to make moves.
Hours of drawings in an art diary gives us the ability to stumble across little gems like this one when looking back brainstorming new ideas and is how we came across this one. An image that speaks for itself. A double entendre, we have all heard in modern times "get lit" and understand the meaning behind the modern day slang but it has a powerful and impactful meaning beyond that which is our use of it here. Don't wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, light that bitch up at the start. Illuminate your own path forward! Do things you love, feed your soul, whatever that is, whether that be singing, dancing, running, lifting weights, painting, drawing, skating, surfing, creating, building, baking, ANYTHING that feeds your soul. DO IT! Everyday martyrdom is for chumps.

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