You're killing it?
We've herd this a few times. The answer, depends on your perspective. Given that 60% of all small businesses fail in the first 3 years, I would say we are in the minority, so we would think you would consider that a win, and that we have surpassed a lot of peoples expectations. If you are driven by money (which we are NOT) you'd probably say no, we're not killing it. YET! We turn over enough to continue successfully, with growth every year. It is not a get rich quick scheme like so many believe and probably the main reason independent brands appear and disappear almost as quickly. If you're in it for a quick buck it's not for you.
Why are you in it for then?  
Of course we aren't in it to not make money, and we need it to continue (like any other small business) but its not our sole motivator.
What is it then?
We love our job! We legitimately get a kick out of it. Being able to do this on a full time basis, not having to work a second job is the motivator. Running a shop front and online store, showcasing Australia's best independent brands is the motivator. Being with family is the motivator. Being able to do all of that, whilst living a modest lifestyle is the motivator. 
So are we there yet?
Are we killing it? 
The answer is subjective. We're very proud of how far we've come and are excited for the future. We're certainly not lacking motivation!
How hard could it be? 
Although we are still learning ourselves, some people we know, and other's who are complete strangers, have asked us questions and advise on where to start with their own brand. We will always openly answer any questions we can but what we have found is nearly all of those who asked advise never began, we can't be sure why, but, we think it could have to do with the work, time and money involved, even after pointing them in the right direction (information we weren't privy to) we always encourage them to start. The financial risk to begin with is relatively small. The stakes get a little higher with growth, to the point you're all in or bust ( we have been there on many occasions). It's not like we want to scare people off but contrary to belief, yes, it is hard, but if you are passionate about it, it wont feel like work! It will still be hard but you will enjoy the process. Try telling people that without sounding like a sadist!

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