Down The Rabbit Hole

Despite the uncertainty and craziness around the world FAF is still moving forward, for now! Obviously markets we had intended on going to have ceased but our online store will be in operation. We were also invited by the the village markets to be part of their first ever online market this Friday 27th Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th. A great initiative shown by TVM supporting small Australian businesses in these uncertain times. Follow @thevillagemarkets on Instagram and see their recent posts for more details.Our business model has changed but we're confident we'll be able to continue to create new limited release apparel through these challenging times. Our thoughts go out to all small business, particularly bricks and mortar businesses with no way to supplement their revenue. No one knows exactly how long this thing will last but we can definitely speed things up by following the guidelines to slow down the spread and eventually stop the virus altogether. On the other side we have no doubt small business will bounce back big so hang in there, we're all in this together. Those who aren't able to support you now will support you when society goes back to "normal".

We're moving ahead with our 2020 Winter collection, which is currently underway. We will be releasing it in parts implementing a change to our new business model, part one released first quarter in April, part two June/July *pending* 

Part one in April will feature our "down the rabbit hole" hoodie which is kind of fitting given these unique times we're in currently. 


DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE ~ To enter a situation or begin a process or journey that is particularly strange, problematic, difficult, complex, or chaotic, especially one that becomes increasingly so as it develops or unfolds.

THE CONCEPT: Certainly relates to the worlds current problems, however not the origin for this concept. Again like many of our designs this two is a double-entendre. For us it's a design about designing. When a concept is thought of and the brain storming begins for the art and design proponent we can spend many of hours, days, weeks sometimes months after mothballing and revisiting later "going down the rabbit hole" before a final design comes to life. The double-entendre we can relate also. Ever been to your local for a few quite drinks on a Friday arvo only to go "down the rabbit hole" end up at a randoms house party at kick on's white girl wasted at sunrise Saturday? Then find a few brave soldiers in search of the early opener to continue the shenanigans?  Obviously we don't encourage this kind of reckless behaviour during lock down, but once this virus clears and the pubs and clubs re-open their doors and socialising is encouraged we whole heartedly recommend something of this nature. 

THE DESIGN: This is a fun one. These kind of light hearted witty designs usually resinate well with a broad demographic and are probably our favourite  to create, although they can be over done. We kept this design relatively simple one colour print ( brown ) with slight distressing on a tan canvas. We think it fits the concept perfectly, a chaotic vibe right down to the font used. Yet the use of neutral brown tones seems to take the edge off, very ying and yang. The colourway was one of the biggest challengers with this design but we think we landed on a winner that can be matched with just about all other colours, it will work particularly well with other neutral tones.

With the current climate the way it is and so many people anxious and uneasy we'd like to do something positive by giving one away. As soon as our printers can confirm their doors will remain open long enough to print all our hoodies we'll be doing a giveaway post on Instagram followed by a 20% off pre-sale before "down the rabbit hole" goes live.

Stay well, remain positive.

Big love Eva and Andy

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