"Crouching tiger" winter prt. 3

Part three and our final winter release as we head toward Spring. Two tees featuring a front print of our "crouching tiger" design. You may of seen we had originally had our "making waves" concept for this spot, however we wanted a front print something we haven't revisited for quite some time, something we have been seeing more of lately and feel "crouching tiger" was a much better fit for a front print design. "Making waves" has been mothballed for now, we may revisit at a later time. We've still kept the Asian theme off the back of our successful "Rat race" premium crews. Although our designs in general are completely different over many styles we still like to keep a feel of continuity with some of our releases tying everything together somewhat but don't want to be pigeon holed to a certain demographic or style.
We suppose this design may be linked to a "traditional" Japanese tattoo style you may ask for at a tattoo parlour, but in reality it's not really Japanese, Chinese or any other traditional oriental art. But something the western world has created or more specifically tattoo artists over time. After doing some research you quickly realise todays modern "traditional Japanese" tattoo style is many different oriental styles in one.
Early Japanese art depicting tigers generally looked more like house cats, mainly because there are no tigers in Japan and few tigers had visited Japan before their cultural isolation ended in the 19th century. Japanese art was based of tiger pelts and domestic cats. 
Tibetan folk art is much different. Their artform depicts tigers as a mythical, spiritual creature, but not resembling the likeness of a tiger at all.
Korean folk art is different agian. A slighly more realistic depiction however still portrays a mythical creature.
Although the early artworks across Asian cultures are vastly different they all share a common theme that tigers carry the same attributes as the real animal, strength and courage, but also long life. Tiger art is also used to ward off evil spirits and bad luck, as well as disease.
As mentioned this design will feature on two tees, natural and rose. The colour of the print is a bluish-grey or like what we've named it faded tattoo.
Look out for a pre-sale soon. Expected arrival mid July.

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