Not all hero's wear capes

We would of loved to start by telling you how we broke all kinds of sale records over the past five days and donated a whole bunch of cash to the Red Cross and WIRES while pledging 100% of profits from full price items and the full amount from on sale items but the reality is following trends from years gone by, early January and January in general is typicaly slow from a sales perspective so we were only able to make a small contibution to both those organisations, but a contribution none the less.

What we have noticed during these horrific fires that still continue to burn across the country is the incredible Aussie spirit when the chips are down, individuals, small and big business getting behind their fellow countrymen and women in time of need, we've witnessed some trully selfless acts of generosity, kindness and people punching well above their weight in helping in whatever way they can, you should all be commended.

To all the hero's fighting the fires on the front line putting their lives at risk to save others, and others property is truly heroic you all make us very proud to call ourselves Australian. We'll be looking at different ways we can help going forward as the bushfire victims have only just started their fight, as they look to rebuild their lives, they'll need continued support over the coming months. A great initiative we've seen is the empty esky pledging to visit these bushfire affected areas when they're back on their feet with an empty esky and supporting their local business. Praying for rain to put an end to the fires and to stop the impact on more Australians.

 As mentioned January is typically a slow time of year for us, it doesn't help only having limited stock after a busy pre Christmas period. We're STILL waiting on our "PUFF" tees and muscles, but a text message Thursday (9/1/20) tells us they will be sent out Friday (10/1/20) so we should expect them Tuesday (14/1/20) seven weeks after we paid for them. The ongoing frusrtation and communication with the printers has us at wits end. Thursday (16/1/20) we head north to pick up our latest designs from our new printers PSI screenprinting on the Gold Coast who have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and the ulimate professionals every step of the way, a team with like minded businesses ethics, we forecast a long term working relationship with these guys. We're really excited about these new tees, multi coloured designs across all three tees with some really fun concepts to match the artwork. Whilst in the sunshine state we'll be attending our first Queensland market, the village markets at Burleigh Heads on Sunday (19/1/20) which we are super pumped about, can't wait to meet some new people. The following Friday (24/1/20) will see us back in our neck of the woods at the Sacred Tree twilight market at Nelson Bay Marina and foreshore a market we have had the pleasure of attending once before, happy to be going back.

Our new custom "same same but different" speckled wool tweed five panel snapback is currently getting manufactured, no ETA as yet but we'd expect them early February. The use of wool tweed makes these hats really unique and a perfect hat heading into the back end of Summer and into Autumn. We've seen the use of different materials making a comeback over the last few years, like suede, leather and corduroy creating different textures on hats for a while now and we think the use of speckled wool tweed is a breath of fresh air.

 We're also in the process of nutting out Autumn and Winter pieces and designs, as well as looking ahead to Spring and Summer 20/21. Still in talks with our manufacturer for our button down tees, a second design has been completed and a swatch sample is currently being manufactured, still yet to come up with a third design but it's something we want organised so we can push the "button" to start full production when we need them later in the year. Also looking to get samples on some new manufactured items for the back end of the year.


Busy, busy.


Stay safe.

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