Keeping you fresh 4 years on

Although the exact date is debatable our Birthday lands somewhere between late February and early March. This year marks our 4th Birthday. Who would of thought we'd still be chugging along like the little engine that could. A husband and wife team nestled in the Upper Hunter with no idea ( at the time ) what we were doing or what we had got ourselves into. 

As much as we appreciate our own personal growth in that time, none of this is possible without our loyal customers both near and far. Our dream has and will always rely on you, so you can count on us always striving to be the best, delivering unique, limited release, art inspired prints on the highest quality garments with the latest printing inks and techniques ensuring your limited release purchase can be worn by you for years to come ( literally! Our first ever run of tees are still kicking 4 years on )

Also a special thanks to all those who have helped in someway to promote our brand, and those that continue to help. We're very humbled by the amount of support shown in this space when we've reached out. Wherever FAF ends up no one will be forgotten wherever your place is along the journey.

Family and friends who support us, we love you all. We believe the people surrounding us have made such a positive impact on our success and personal development we encourage others to surround yourself with like minded people for your best chance to succeed.

We noticed a shift towards independent before FAF was born but now it's evident, there's a clear shift in men's apparel / streetwear / casual wear. Gone are the days the major players have the market, people aren't conforming they are deliberately sourcing local independent brands from around the country in every nook and cranny. This makes us extremely happy, after all that's why we started in the first place. There is still so much to learn, more work to be put in, more products to develop, more goals to kick, mistakes to be made and no doubt many more obstacles to overcome, but we're ready and excited for the future of FAF. If you've read this far we personally thank you with this discount code 'BIRTHDAYBASH' use it at checkout to get 25% off your entire order including already discounted items. Keeping you fresh for less ✌🏼  *expires the 12/3/20 midnight*

Big love ❤

Andy & Eva ( FAF co-founders )

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