2021 ~ Year in review

It's been a hot minute ( 9 months actually ) since we've touched base, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since, both figuratively and literally speaking. Now New Year and the busy Christmas period is over we thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on the year that was.

Covid has and is still being a pain in the proverbial for everyone and it didn't miss us either.

2020 Covid  and 2021 covid were two completely different beasts ( for us anyhow ). While consumer confidence was still high in 2020, government subsidies supporting out of work Australians as well as a general sense of optimism for the general populace we noticed  unusually high average monthly sales during this period, people were still spending on what is considered "luxury items". Fast forward a year in between being in and out of lock downs and a number of different restrictions. 2021 covid was a whole different kind of monster the world had gone mad!

Consumer confidence declined with a no end in sight outlook,  with this as you would expect so did a decline in spending on "luxury items" and down the chain it goes, like everyone else we tightened the belt. We only managed eleven new limited release products in 2021 down from twenty four in 2020 and sixteen in 2019. We also experienced lengthy delays on manufacturing and exuberant postage costs. We also had to put a hold on our storage/work space. Markets were continually cancelled and  so did continued bellow average monthly sales, capital was disappearing, it meant we were treading water from a business perspective.

Business took a back seat as we went through a term of becoming primary School teaches, home schooling kindy and year two students. To be honest with everything else going one we actually enjoyed the extra time with the kids and being hands on with their learning, it was a nice distraction away from Friday at Five.

It's not all doom and gloom though, we are healthy, happy and optimistic. Although our latest Summer release was significantly delayed and we missed the busy Christmas period with our new range we did manage an "Okay" December and with the new range arriving late December we have continued in the right direction.  We're really proud of the new Summer collection we truly believe it's some of our best work yet and  that's reflective with sales since their release.

Who knows what 2022 will bring but if we came out the other side of 2021 we don't think anything will be able to stop us. Again this would not be possible without the continued support of our loyal customers, when we were drowning you were the life raft. We hope along with our new customers joining the family we can continue to grow together and we can continue to do what we love by providing the best limited release apparel available while sprinkling it with small business touches. We are still a two person Husband and Wife team, when you contact us you are talking to the owners who are passionate about our products, Still after nearly six years no issue hasn't been resolved without a happy customer ZERO! We're not perfect and we're still learning on the fly, and continually looking to get better, we hope to bring you an even better experience shopping Friday at Five in 2022 with lots of new and exciting products.

We hope 2022 is your best yet!


Andy & Eva 


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